Self-Care for Anxiety

Every writer has their story and struggles with self-care. Below are the interviews which confront and address anxiety.

Ashley Griggs_Bio Photo
Ashley Griggs: Practicing Faith to Overcome Panic Attacks and Anxiety
Ji Hyun Joo: Gaining Power Through Cultivating Gratitude
Gregs and Margaret visit WB
Margaret Hoffman: Overcoming the ‘Shame Goat’ Through Enabling Constraint and the Blah Document
Novelist RB: Life after Attempted Suicides and the Power of Waiting
Jessi Jordan: Understanding Introversion and Anxiety
France Honours Attack Victims As The Nation Mourns
Interviews About Cultural Burnout
Ben Gouldthorpe: Stepping Away From the Edge With a Shock to the Heart
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Iyvon Edebiri: Manifesting What is Unseen Through Theater
Jo Chiang: The Neoliberal Trap of Self-Care
Hannah Rittner: Separating Talent From Who You Are
Daria Miyeko Marinelli: Finding the Edge Between Playwriting and Figure Skating
Diana Oh: I’m Not a Whore, I’m Not to Be Raped, and I’m Not a Bad Person